Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sketch Dump: Betty and Veronica

I can't believe how many Archie sketches I did from my Bob Montana books.  Well, maybe I can, because he was a great artist.  

I remember the full image in the top drawing.  Betty was riding a bicycle around town wearing a swimsuit.  Seems kind of racy.

Classy outfit.

This one turned out okay.  Nice tits.

I don't know who's in the lower sketch.  Cute.

I wish I could remember the gag where Betty is offering her hand there.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Sketch Dump: Models

Admittedly, this first sketch is an odd grim-looking one to start with.  This was some kind of pen sketch on yellow paper pad.  It's the paper I take notes on when I'm at game, so maybe this was a girl I saw in the crowd.  

The next few are charcoal drawings (so I had to live with any screwups).

I'm not sure if this was a drawing I screwed up and drew over the mistakes or I was doing something experimental.  It's interesting.

Another experiment/accident.  I'm really not sure why I did this like this.

I do like this one.

These last two are older drawings.  

The glasses are poorly done on the bottom, but it's cute.  I think she was a co-worker.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Sketch Dump: New Style

I found some more sketches in that really clean style.  These portraits usually took up the whole page.  I get nervous trying to draw that big with this few lines now unless its a full body sketch.  (Or maybe I just don't want to waste paper.)    

This one is in a slightly sketchy style.

This was an older drawing, probably of a swimsuit model.

These next two probably need some nose work.  

Here's a sketch from David Mack's Kabuki.  

This is probably from a Steve Hanks painting.  Strangely, they both have the same closed eyes.  I wasn't being lazy; that was just what the original drawing was.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Sketch Dump: Models and Happy Thanksgiving

I got this card in the mail this week from my aunt, so I thought I'd post it here for the holiday.

On with the regular content.  This was a swimsuit model, except I forgot to draw the swimsuit.  I think her name was Bianca.

Here's the same pose, but just the headshot.  Maybe Andrea Corr from The Corrs below it.

Here's more of the swimsuit models and probably another with Bianca.  The swimsuit company was called Ujena and they're still around.  They produced a magazine that was sold at the newsstand in the 80's.  The 80's were so great.  

I never usually draw full noses.  They don't look right without proper shading.  It's pretty obvious from all of these sketches that I don't know how to shade at all.

The next three feature some cuties.  I wish I could remember who they were.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Sketch Dump: Models

This first one I had to redraw the nose on before scanning.  It's still not quite right for a rushed fix.  It's really hard for me to fix a drawing after finishing it, especially years later.

These might be Playboy models.

Intense hair on the left.  I haven't drawn anything like this before or since.

This was an ad model.  Not too bad figure drawing for me.

When you see parts of other drawings cropped out, that means it was really bad.  Sometimes, I can't crop that stuff out and not mess up the sketches I want to keep.

I think this was another swimsuit model, sans the swimsuit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sketch Dump: Models

More sketches of photos of girls I can't identify.

This might be from a Tiffani Amber Thiessen photo, but I don't remember and it doesn't look like her anyway.

I like the hair here.  I have a hard time drawing that loose most of the time.

I'm pretty sure this one was a model from an ad.

These next two are pretty old sketches from the 90's.  Who is that girl with the short hair?

I can identify where these sketches came from.  This was a model from a Penthouse layout.  I had a co-worker who kept all of his girly magazines at work.  You'd think I'd be better at figure drawing after seeing all of them.  I don't think I knew enough anatomy and proportions (still don't) to really get anything out of the voluminous exposure to the nude figures.

Nice classy hairstyle.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sketch Dump: More Sojourn Sketches

I think this is last of my sketches from my Sojourn trade by Greg Land.  I wish I had more from the series.  I really enjoyed drawing these characters.  I think these are all Arwyn and Cassidy, though some look really off-model.  

For example, I don't think Arwyn had straight hair like this.  Maybe she was younger here.

This may have been a villain character from the series at the top.

Sorry, this isn't a great sketch of Cassidy.  I'd scanned it before I really took a good look at it.  Art is a learning experience.